Interview on Youth Vision Magazine September issue

Ayaka Nishi | October 15 2012 | 0 Comments

My interview is on Youth Vision magazine September issue in China.
They feature golden color and I answered some question related gold color.


Youth Vision Magazine cover


They interview 5 Jewelry and Fashion Designers including me.

They introduced my Gold Honeycomb Necklace and Gold Double Cell Ring, Spiderweb Cuff.

1, What’s the concept behind your design?

All of my jewelry is inspired by nature and natural materials such as bone, coral, fish scales, and spider web. I believe that our ability to appreciate beauty in nature is an intrinsic quality that grew as we evolved within the natural world. I work to represent a connection between nature and myself through my jewelry.

2, Why do you choose gold to be the material of your jewelry design? What does gold stand for in your design?

Since ancient times, gold has been a material that's symbolic of power and luxury. When I saw ancient gold jewelry at a museums, I felt a sense of timelessness, preciousness, and nobility.
When I work with gold, I want this essence to come through in jewelry.

3, How would you interpret the charm of gold with your jewelry?

There are many different shades of gold and many different finishes, like mat and shiny. Depending on the shape and another materials I work with, I try to choose a tone and finish that makes the beauty of gold really stand out.

4, What would you think is the connection between gold and the nature?
In ancient times, people believed gold was the symbol of sun. I believe that when ancient people saw gold, they also felt that it was a mysterious and spiritual gift to them from nature.
I feel the same way.

5, Why would you think people are obsessed for gold?

People are obsessed with gold because of its value, historical quality, and beauty.