The reason why we need to go to trip.

Ayaka Nishi | December 13 2011 | 0 Comments

The reason why we need to go to trip is to re-find our place.
I was staying in New York for too long time so I need to escape to re-find my place.

Since many friends told me that Arizona is one of best place in U.S, I dreamed to go to Arizona and  finally I had a chance to go to Arizona for Thanks Giving holiday for a week.

Many cactus, desert, huge house, Mexican restaurant, shopping moll, driving car, howling of a coyote at night....It was totally different environment compare in New York.


We went to Sedona and did trecking to Devil Bridge.
The Sunset was really amazing.


I saw many interesting shape cactus.They are great inspiration to me.

It was beautiful trip.
I want to go back to Arizona again but also I feel that I really love living in East Village, New York.