Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

Ayaka Nishi | October 09 2012 | 0 Comments

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I held an exhibition at Bridge Gallery in Seoul, South Korea. I was busy with catching up with other works, but I finally got time to report about the exhibition.

Here are some pictures of the displays and Opening Reception Party.

The gallery is located in Garosu-gil, which is one of the stylish areas in Seoul.

The entrance of the gallery. Sisters are running the gallery and one of them is also a interior designer and she designed the interior of the gallery by herself. It was a well-refined gallery.

My mother came to Seoul from Japan to arrange flowers for the exhibition.

The arrange of white calla and hydrangea. To let jewelry stand out, she made it simple and clean. Going to the flower market with her was also interesting experience.

Displays inside of the gallery. With the large display space, the gallery also has terrace in the back. I brought 120 pieces of my work for the exhibition.

Ordermade showcase was made of steel. 

The owner ordered thin rocks to display my works to highlight my design inspired by nature.

As the owner requested, I brought a lot of Honeycomb collection for this exhibition.

Spider Web Collection

Invitation card and my brand cards. They also designed the gorgeous invitation card for me.

Opening Reception Party's night was also Fashion's Night Out in Seoul. 

Opening Reception Party.

Professor Kang, a textile design professor at Sangmyung University, helped me a lot to make the exhibition successful.

Professors from Sangmyung University. 

Many of them have studied abroad and are very creative as they are product designer, fine artist, and illustration artist etc... It was inspiring to talk to such people and glad I could make time to talk to them.

There was a lady who ordered cookies which says "AYAKA NISHI CONGRATULATION." It was a great surprise.

It was a great opportunity to hold an exhibition in Seoul as I could meet my classmate at F.I.T, had interviews with several fashion magazines in South Korea and met many creative professors from Sangmyung University. The exhibition was successful and I had a great time as well.

Thank you everyone who came to the exhibition, especially those who came all the way from Japan, owners of the gallery, professors from Sangmyung University and my mother. I always appreciate your support.

Ayaka Nishi Jewelry Show

September 6th - 19th, 2012
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