Ayaka Nishi Jewelry Solo Exhibition in Japan

Ayaka Nishi | April 04 2012 | 0 Comments

I'll have an exhibition in my home town, Kagoshima, Japan.
At the show, I'll play fashion show movie from this February.
I'll be at there during exhibition.
I'm going to show my new cell cuff and some fine jewelry line with 18K gold and 14K gold with diamond and unique stone.
After this exhibition, I'll trip to Shanghai and Seoul.
This is like Asian tour.

Ayaka Nishi Jewelry Show

April 28 -  August 10  2012  
AM11:00 - PM 6:00
Opening Reception April 28 6:00 PM~

White Gallery
25-7 Shimo Tastuo-cho, Kagoshima city, Japan 892-0852