Satsuma Kiriko

Ayaka Nishi | June 15 2012 | 0 Comments
During my exhibition in Kagoshima, Japan, I had many chance to meet interesting creative people.

White Gallery which I had exhibition is one of great place to meet artists in Kagoshima.
They have opening reception party regularly for new exhibition.
I could meet Ceramic Artist, Floral Designer, Illustrator, Painter and Musician
at there. Shoho Hasegawa, Glass Artist is one of interesting person I met at the gallery.
I obsess transparent materials like glass. My graduation thesis in University
was about French Glass/Jewelry Artist,Rene Lalique.
I was really interested in Shoho's traditional grass cut work.
I told him "Grass is like a gem stone so maybe it will be interesting if I design
jewelry with grass." and he made mw a piece of grass cut.


It is really beautiful work! The detail cut part shows uniqueness of Satsuma Kiriko. I'm going to design a jewelry with this kiriko piece. It is fun project. I'm excited this collaboration! You can look forward to it!

Satsuma Kiriko, Grass Artist, Shoho Hasegawa's website
Glass studio, Busho;